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Practical Bhagavad Gita: Insights and Applications

  • The Bhagavad Gita delivers the multi dimensional aspects of our Upanishads (Vedanta) in an extremely complex historical setting which is fully applicable to the modern context. The deep insights provided are universal in context and timeless in their relevance. Vedanta represents the ethical, existential, metaphysical, philosophical, sociological and behavioural aspects of Sanatana Dharma. Yet we have lost this source of eternal wisdom through sheer decay and apathy. Today, our lives are more comfortable but far more complex. The Bhagavad Gita provides the anchoring to be strong and guidance to conquer. The idea that we will learn our scriptures after we retire is self-defeating. On the contrary, Vedanta is a force multiplier designed for the most active years of our life.

Sunday, 15th August 2021

Critical Thinking and Vedanta

    What You will learn
  • Some of these powerful Vedanta principles are:
      Antahakarana: Comprises the Chitta, Buddhi, Manaha and Ahamkara
    • Chitta is our consciousness and memory
    • Buddhi is our intellect; the seat of judgment and discrimination
    • Manaha is our mind or the dynamic field of thought and desire
    • Ahamkara is our sense of individual identity and ego
  • Svabhava: Our inherent personality or attributes which directs critical thinking
  • Gunas: Sattva, Rajas and Tamas attributes that make up our Svabhava
  • Raga-Dvesha: Our intense likes and dislikes, irrational but real
  • Svadhyaya: Deep introspection

Vedanta@Work For Professionals and Leaders

    What You will learn
  • How do I crystallize a vision? For myself and the unit/organization I lead.
  • How ambitious can I be? Am I being realistic?
  • Is it possible to be successful while being honest?
  • How do I deal with 'difficult' colleagues and bosses?
  • How can I be more appreciated? And how do I respond when I am being disrespected or not appreciated?
  • How do I improve my performance at work? While maintaining a healthy work-life balance.
  • Should I be going back to college for another degree?
  • How can I multi-task more effectively?
  • How do I cope with the stress of expectations?
  • How do I balance competing with collaborating?
  • How should I make a career change?
  • How can I do a better job of hiring talent?

This program delivers the most vital principles and insights that can be applied day to day to take your career trajectory to the next level.

Specifically, we will talk about Purushartha, Ashrama, Dharma, Svabhava, Gunas, Svadharma, the Varna system, Karma, Buddhi, Manas, Chitta, Ahamkara, different types of Yoga and some other embedded concepts.

Vedanta & Innovation

    Here are some of the key capacities of an Innovator:

  • Vision to improve the world in some way.
  • Integrity to think long term
  • Capacity for deep knowledge and special expertise
  • Ability to withstand and bounce back from failures
  • Make personal sacrifices
  • Develop conviction without being foolish
  • Conquer peer pressure and petty comparisons
  • Create and nurture a meritocratic culture
  • Learn and grow from mistakes and missteps
  • Understand the power of money without getting carried away

Vedanta, with its universal and timeless principles, shines a light on what it takes to be a true innovator in the real world.

Sampath will introduce and connect deep and relevant Vedanta insights that relate to the vital facets of Innovation. The program will show participants how to chart a path to fulfill your potential to be a game changing Innovator.

Specifically, we will talk about Purushartha, Dharma and Svadharma, Svabhava, Gunas and Varna, Karma dimensions, Karma yoga, Buddhi yoga, Antahakarana and Ahamkara, Svadhyaya and some other embedded concepts.