As on December 24, 2021 15,000+ participants worldwide have benefited from Applied Vedanta programs.

What is Applied Vedanta

Vedanta, also known as Upaniṣads, represents the final part of the Vedas. Its magnificence, shining through its many facets, has been beautifully expressed by Shri Krishna via the Bhagavad Gita.

Vedanta encompasses the ethical, existential, metaphysical, philosophical, sociological and behavioral aspects of our scriptures.

Personal experience is the most potent measure of the ultimate truth and Sanatana Dharma's vast body of shastras encourage a scientific approach to accessing all reality.

Applied Vedanta is the consistent practice of learning and implementing the universal, timeless principles and guidance provided in the scriptures. With the purpose of the holistic betterment of our lives and of the universe.

When we pause and introspect on our existence, the mind is filled with excitement, questions, dilemmas and anxieties. The norm in today's intense, rapid-fire, complex world is to react to a variety of stimuli as we receive and perceive them. Applied Vedanta helps us deal with the chaos, confusion and complexity of the material world with calm dynamism.

Vedanta is a force multiplier for success designed for the most active years of our life. Here and now.

We welcome you 🙏 to Applied Vedanta Institute. Dive in, discover and grow.